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The Customer Service Survey provides a method for measuring the customer service knowledge, aptitudes, and skills of employees and prospective employees.

Fast Results - Essential Information
In just 20 minutes, an employee or job candidate can respond to the Profiles Customer Service Survey, providing the information employers need in a variety of situations. The quality of customer service a business provides will determine its success or failure in the competitive marketplace. The survey indicates the degree to which people have these qualities:

  • Knowledge (People Skills, Courtesy, Common Sense)
  • Assertiveness (Persuasive, Confident, Outgoing)
  • Persistence (Persevering, Unwavering, Emotionally tough)
  • Empathy (People-focused, Relationship-oriented)
  • Drive (Highly competitive, Aggressive, Opportunistic)
  • Organization (Organized, Conforms, Routine-focused)
  • Maturity (Sound judgment, Stable, Tolerant)
  • Creativity (Inventive, Unique, Innovative)
  • Incentive (Recognition, Feedback, External)

Descriptive Report
The Profiles Customer Service Survey Report has graphic and descriptive written data to describe the attributes of the person being assessed. The report also pinpoints specific knowledge and training needs. A Customized Service Pattern indicates a job candidate’s or employee’s suitability for customer service responsibilities by giving a percentage match to your Job Match Pattern.

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