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What Matters Most

What is Strategic Development?
Strategic Development (SD) is an integrated process that develops all of the potential that exists within your organization using the concept of “What Matters Most.” SD integrates awareness and analysis with strategic planning, leadership development, employee development, and results management systems. When integrated, these best practices create an ongoing process within the organization that leads to enhanced performance.

While many firms concentrate on only one of these practices, LMI has learned to integrate them in a way that creates a multiplier effect. Building from a solid foundation that starts with the top leadership team, then driving performance around strategic initiatives throughout the organization through proven developmental processes and results management systems.

Planning and Development cannot exist in a vacuum if you expect Return on Investment (ROI). Planning without some form of communication and implementation process results in a plan that is not fully executed and lacks commitment from those who will be responsible for its implementation. Development without planning can also be self-defeating, if it is not directed toward “What Matters Most” to your organization. By integrating both, we have the ability to enhance the execution of your strategic plan and ensure that your organization’s development is directed toward organizational goals, which will result in significant ROI.

Enhancing execution requires behavior change. One thing we have learned over the years is that for results to be enhanced, behaviors must change. We accomplish this through developmental processes that change behaviors, teach solid management and productivity skills, and transform the organization into a results-based, goal oriented culture that is focused on execution of “What Matters Most” to your organization.

Please refer to our “What Matters Most” brochure for more information on Strategic Development and the potential benefits for your organization.

What is Organizational Awareness?
Leader-directed, positive change is not about direction but transformation. The degree of organizational awareness is the single most determining factor in managing effective change.

What is organizational awareness?

Organizational awareness is a level of understanding for both the organization and its leaders regarding current capacity, abilities, potential, and results.

Transformation cannot take place in a vacuum void of insight.

The creation of organizational awareness is a continuous process stimulated by effective leaders at every level of the organization. A high degree of organizational awareness improves organizational analysis, hiring and staffing decisions, team building, communication, culture, and leadership style.

Organizational awareness fosters insight that can transform "good" results into "great" achievement.

Why use Strategic Planning and Long-Range Planning?

Organizations managed by a specific plan and strategy significantly out-perform less well-managed organizations of equal capabilities. Planning and strategy becomes a significant competitive advantage.

This is a simple but comprehensive message: Planning and strategy is fundamental to the competitive position of any organization.

Research shows, however, that very few organizations actually manage operations by a specific plan and strategy ... why?

Very simple ... focus!

In many organizations attention is centered on day-to-day operations, and leadership focus tends to be directed by situations and circumstances. This type of focus diverts attention from organizational purpose and vision.

The effective organization is directed by a results-based leadership culture focused on "What Matters Most." Planning and strategy is the result of a continuous planning process directed and supported by top leadership.

"But how do you do that?"

Leadership Management, Inc. has answered that question for organizations around the world with a practical, common-sense, planning model that fosters buy-in at every level of the organization.

Why is Development Important?
Locked behind the ingrained habits and attitudes of people lie vast reserves of unused potential for any organization. Unlocking unused potential is the purpose of a development process. Knowledge-based training has little influence in changing behaviors that have been developed over years of conditioning.

Every organization experiences gaps between performance and potential ... "what is" versus "what could be." Effective organizations continuously seek to narrow those gaps.

Research shows that the average organization uses only a small percentage of its existing potential. What would be the result of an additional 10% increase in the use of the unused potential in your organization?

The multiplying effect of small increases in the use of potential can deliver significant overall results. This process is effective in both individual and organizational development.

An organization can transform its results by simply developing 10% increase in the potential its people utilize.

A continuous development process builds a results-based leadership culture, effective managers, and enhanced productivity.

Results Management
"Performance measured is performance improved."
- Paul J. Meyer, founder of Leadership Management, Inc.

The most well-designed plan and strategy is only as good as its implementation. Failure in strategic planning is usually the result of ineffective results management.

Effective organizations measure specific, daily results that are tied directly to the plan and strategy.

The LMI Results Management SystemTM and software allows any size organization the ability to do just that at every level of the organization, even in remote locations.

The overall plan and strategy becomes the benchmark of daily operations and long-term vision.

With a simple but comprehensive results management system, daily action steps become a strong motivational force.

Professionalism and Confidentiality
As we work closely with your organization in Strategic Development, you will undoubtedly share with us information that is considered confidential. LMI is known for its unwavering ethical practices and professionalism. We will provide a standard confidentiality agreement or sign one that you have developed internally before we engage in a partnering relationship.

A Phase-In Approach
LMI does not offer a “quick-fix” for enhancing your organization’s performance. A complete Strategic Development process is a long-term relationship and will require significant investment over time. However, we would never suggest that you invest in the full process up-front. Why? If we are to truly be your partner, we must prove to you that our process will yield significant ROI over time. Our proposal will outline several phases of implementation that can be invested in over time. If at any time you feel you are not receiving the appropriate value for our services you may cancel future phases and terminate the relationship. However, we are confident that once you see the process in action you will be convinced of its value and we will have a mutually beneficial partnering relationship.

Because we use a phase-in approach, many of the phases can only be determined as estimates. This is because much of the developmental and results management needs can only be determined after there is a plan in place. Example: One of your short-term strategic initiatives may be to increase sales which may require sales training of one or many divisions, but it may be equally as likely to be customer relations, quality or productivity issues that need to be addressed first. Once we jointly determine “What Matters Most” we will tailor your development needs to support your plan. This will insure that you are investing your resources in the developmental needs that are in support of your short-term goals while building a solid foundation for your future. In cases where there is incomplete information, we will provide estimates based on our experience to give you an idea of the investment that may be involved.

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