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Welcome to Leadership Evolution, Inc.

Our goal is to assist companies to increase their bottom line profits and make a daily difference for the better in corporate and individual lives by assisting business to place top performers in the right job and then assisting those individuals to reach more of their God given potential.

To accomplish this lofty goal we use state of the art assessment tools through Profiles International and Strategic Development materials through Leadership Management Inc.

Partnering with Organizations in Strategic Development

Every organization has two things in common… a Present and a Future. Everything between is called Process. Process is the activity of daily operations. All organizations have a Process…be it productive or dysfunctional.

The quality of the Process determines the quality of the organization’s Performance. The Quality of the Performance determines the Future of the organization. So, if the organization is not achieving desired results or wants to move the next level, the necessary change is driven by the enhancement of Process.

Most training & development companies start with Performance, usually inspirational or educational activities designed to improve performance at the individual level.

Strategic Development, however, begins with the enhancement of Process. We never attempt to change an organization. The LMI Process allows the organization to transform itself by using more of it’s untapped potential.

This is accomplished by integrating the elements of Awareness and Planning with people Development and Results Management. LMI moves theory into practical application with proven tools and specific “how-to” information that enhance the organization’s existing Process.

This enhanced Process drives improved organizational Performance which, in turn, transforms the organization to perfectly fit it’s desired Future.

Our Mission…
Is to improve results in organizations and enhance the lives of the people who lead them.

Why use training?

Our training is quite unique in that participants actually change existing habits to become more productive and efficient employees and leaders.
Our programs are written on a 6th grade level for ease of understanding. Basic management skills are presented and refined throughout the course. These are presented in "bite-size chunks" with spaced repetition to enhance long-term results. We work on organizational goals as well as personal goals for each participant. This personalizes the program for each participant and maximizes the behavior change that we accomplish.

After our programs you will find a degree of change and improvement in each and every participant. Not only will they be more effective as leaders and managers, they will also be better people enhancing their lives and the lives of those they come in contact with!

Generally by tracking results we can show a 100% return on your initial investment in training by the end of the course. The team approach and personal growth achieved will multiply those results many times over. We guarantee measurable progress toward your goals after only 4 weeks.
We generally meet for two hours once each week so as not to interfere with workloads and overall supervision. This also allows the participants to immediately practice the new concepts and put them to use!

We Believe In Results!

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